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[Q] CTRL+INS, nO paths, Tagged files, now quoted   [Q]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Apr 12,2023 at 20:36
In Response to: [Q] CTRL+INS, nO paths, Tagged files, now quoted (Andrew Watson)

> Forever, including every day for the last 2 weeks, CTRL+INS, nO
> paths, Tagged files has let me paste unquoted filenames. Today it decided
> to quote the filenames.
> What did I change, which I didn't?


Which version of ZTree?
Have you upgraded? if so from which version.
Which application are you pasting into?

Are you mixing up single object (Ctrl-Ins, Fullpath), which doesn't quote, and Tagged (Ctrl-Ins, Tagged) which does quote?

With Delimiter? (CR/LF), there would be no need to quote because CR/LF are ilegal filepah chracters, but I guess for consistancy, all of the Delimiter=? options cause quoting, because the other delimiters are legal filepah chracters so quoting has to be forced.
Maybe we could ZEP for a new toggle on the Delimiter options
(CR/LF) and (CR/LF no quote)
(CR/LF "") and (CR/LF)

In recent versions there has be some work on Ctrl-Ins, so I ran a test with 2.4.199 and the same behaviour as with 2.4.210.



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