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Fixes confirmed, one new issue   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Apr 21,2023 at 08:51
In Response to: Fixed next build (Kim Henkel)

> > > Change- Increased MAXCOL/ZMAX_PATH from 512 to 1024
> > Can still rename a 1024 path (files and directories) to 1025 (over
> > ZMAX_PATH), shouldn't that be blocked?

> > From a 1025 long directory had a crash tabbing between panes, jumping
> > to parent wouldn't be as bad, with an explicit warning popup would
> help.
> > External applications can create paths over ZTree's ZMAX_PATH, so
> > ZTree shouldn't crash. It might have to refuse to process the files
> and
> > directories.
Also see below

> > In a 1015 directory
> > Copy a file from Length=7 to Length=8, gives "Error: [123] Invalid
> > Name", but that should be allowed as the destination would be 1024
> > Renaming works
I can copy and rename up to ZMAX_PATH

> > Copy a file from Length=7 to Length=6, corrupts the SFW list, and
> have
> > to Alt-F6 to mono
> > How is managing files below ZMAX_PATH causing problems?
> > How is coping a file corrupting the display?

> These issues should be resolved (he says, hopefully)
Yes they are.

Testing ZTree and filesystem objects over ZMAX_PATH

Using a script, I created a 1274 directory (name 255)
Direcory window, * (Log), gives "Error: File/path name too long [206]", the contents of the over ZMAX_PATH directory is not logged, expected given ZTree's limits.
Return into the over ZMAX_PATH directory gives the 206 error, expected
Alt-Info works on the 1274 directory
Tabbing between panes, jumps to the parent of the 1274 directory, which is 1018, probably expected, but no popup, I presume a design choice.
Ctrl-Ins, full path, crashes ZTree

Using a script, in a 1018 directory, I created a 1274 file (name 255)
The file is logged
View gives "Error: [161] Bad Pathname", expected
Alt-Info works
Ctrl-Ins, full path, crashes ZTree


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