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[Bug] piped renames cause crash   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: May 21,2023 at 19:28
In Response to: [Bug] piped renames cause crash (Kim Henkel)

> I couldn't get the same example to crash, but I don't think this
> is actually a valid mask:
> > to=//|*.*
The forum ate the insertion part of the rename mask

Hoping that using the xml entities for gt and lt, this will display correcly on the forum. This is what causes the crash.
//|<zz :01:>*.*

> '//' will delete the first two characters of a name, but then you
> need to explicitly state you want one or more to be retained, eg:
> '//???'
> or
> '//*'
> I'll add a check to catch this.
whoops, I missed the *.* bit on the first part of the rename mask.

Thanks for adding the check to stop the crash.

Retesting, this (using xml entities so the forum doesn't eat them) does work
//*.*|<zz :01:>*.*

I'm going through all of the ZTree commands to see how they handle objects over ZMAX_PATH, I found a number of things that cause crashes or incorrect behaviour. When I have competed that testing I will post with my results.



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