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[Help!] Untag Hidden Files   [Help!]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: May 23,2023 at 20:03
In Response to: [Help!] Untag Hidden Files (John Baum)

> I'm trying to simplify deleting *.tmp files.
> As a rough cut I would like to do a global showall search for *.tmp but
> exclude any hidden files. This should allow rapid deletion of the
> remaining *.tmp files.
> I know that Word leaves hidden temp files, but these are easily
> segregated using the wrl used in naming them.
> Am I missing something I should be considering?
> Thanks
> John

ZTree doesn't have a file spec for attributes, but you can tag non-hidden *.tmp files in multiple steps.

Escape, to the directory window

Showall, or Global if you have multiple drives.

Tag all of the *.tpm files by doing one of these
Note: With this filter *.tpm,-~WRL????.tmp you could exclude the Word files.
Filter, *.tpm, return, Ctrl-Tag
highlight a *.tpm file, Alt-Tag, Extension

Untag the hidden files
Alt-Untag, Attributes, +H, return

Optional, only show the tagged files

Review the files in the list, and if happy do the delete

But why not just use this cmd.exe command?
del \*.tmp /s /a:-h



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