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[Help!] ZTreeWin Different - New Machine   [Help!]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Jun 13,2023 at 21:30
In Response to: [Help!] ZTreeWin Different - New Machine (John Baum)

> This looks like a subject I might have opened at another time.
> It is my concern in this new post.
> I searched through my recent posts and did not find it.
> Forgive me if I missed another way to find it.

F1 for the online help
View the beta.txt file

> On my Win10/Pro x64 machine navigation only works with the up/down
> left/right keys. The mouse no longer works.

"Mouse doesn't work", what to do depends on what you mean
1. To select text in the ZTree window
Add /M to the commandline, and tick Quickedit on the shortcut
2. Interact with ZTree
Remove /M from the commandline
3. Do you mean mouse wheel?

Check the "3.11 Mouse Functions" and "3.13 Command-Line Options" sections of the help file, press F1, or view ZTW.HLP. There is also a comment in the BETA.TXT file.

> The files are not default sorted by date on opening. The size and
> attributes are not displayed, just 3 columns of filename.extension
Alt-Filedisplay to toggle the collumns
Alt-Sort, Date

Use Alt-F10
Page 2, N Initial file display mode
Page 3, A Initial Sort method

> Is there a file on my old Win7 machine I can copy and paste into a
> ZTree search of the ZTree folder on the new machine?

Check the "3.14 Auxiliary Files" section of the help file

You will need at least ZTW.INI and ZTW.HST

Depending on your config, one of these directories
The directory with the ZTree exe
The working directory where ZTree is started



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