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[Discuss] Mountain Duck opinions, and other OneDrive app alternatives   [Discuss]

By: Doug Borg     Newton, MA, USA  
Date: Jun 21,2023 at 01:44
In Response to: [Discuss] Mountain Duck opinions, and other OneDrive app alternatives (Peter Shute)

> Mountain Duck is an app that can present OneDrive and Sharepoint
> drives as Windows drive letters.
> I found this discussion from a few years ago:
> http://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=123067
> We're using the OneDrive app to make users OneDrive available to them
> in File Explorer. A lot of users have hit the Sync button in Sharepoint
> to also make some of their Sharepoint team folders available in File
> Explorer via the OneDrive app.
> This is working ok except where they have a lot of files, usually in
> large Sharepoint drives. If they try to sync too many files, their
> computer spends all its time syncing, even if there are very few files
> being changed.
> I'm wondering if using Mountain Duck instead of the OneDrive app would
> work better. Is anyone here using it, in particular with hundreds of
> thousands of files?

I have Mountain Duck and use it occasionally for OneDrive and SharePoint, but I've found that the latest version of WebDrive is even better; seamless and transparent. Here's what WebDrive maps to drive letters as my default at startup:

Drive B - Corporate Box
Drive O - Personal OneDrive
Drive S - Corporate SharePoint
Drive X - Corporate SharePoint
Drive Y - Corporate OneDrive

Needless to say, for me the whole purpose of WebDrive and its drive letter mappings is to enable folder and file access for ZTreeWin. And, it works.


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