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[Q] Searchin in files   [Q]

By: GoSlow2GoFast     RI  
Date: Aug 23,2023 at 17:45
In Response to: [Q] Searchin in files (Walt)

> Is there a way to search within a file for spaces/wild characters?
> I want to find an 8 followed by a number surrounded by spaces.
> IOW " 8|D " [VEdit syntax]
> Thanks
> W

Hello Walt,

I am not aware of this capability native to ZTW. You will probably need to use additional software, most likely with a regular expression search, but those certainly do exist, I could suggest a few.

A couple of questions though.

(1) Are you looking to scan a group of files, and identify the ones that contain your string, or just within a single file looking to find the lines that match?

(2) Do you want a GUI tool, or a command line tool?

(3) Are you talking about searching text files, or other file formats (Word documents, PDF files, other application files, ...)?


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