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[Help!] Creating side-car files   [Help!]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Sep 06,2023 at 10:59
In Response to: [Help!] Creating side-car files (John Leslie)

> Is there any easy way to create an empty file with the same name
> (but different extension) to an existing file?
> I ask as my old video viewer used to make a sidecar file (actually with
> resume info in it) when I watched videos I'd shot, so it was easy to see
> which ones I'd looked at from possibly quite a bunch of new ones. The
> new viewer doesn't, but changing attributes is no use as my video editor
> won't show them, but it would show a sidecar file.


If you have the file highlighted in ZTree, then eXecute this
copy nul %4.ext

In a CMD script with the file passed as a parameter
copy nul "%~dpn1.ext"

Warning: will silently overwrite existing files



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