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Some comments   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Sep 10,2023 at 15:58
In Response to: Pics please (Steve Rawling)


Some comments from my experience, while we wait for Kim reply.

The screenshots indicate that your are not running under Terminal, so we can rule that out.
Also the window is in restored mode going by the top right.
As there are scroll bars, the content is bigger than the window size, by a large factor.

I have seen something similar when the window had switched to maximized mode.
You might need to toggle to full screen and back to windowed/restored mode and then Alt-F7, possibly twice. Just Alt-F7 once or twice might be enough.

When resizing by frame and making smaller, you will have fewer issues if do the width and height separately, i.e. use the sides and not the corner.
I just did some testing of resize by corner and managed to get the ZTree window to have scroll bar and then the window disappeared after a couple of seconds, the ZTree process was taking all of a CPU core and so had to be closed using task manger.
I did that multiple times, ~1/3 of the resize smaller by corner caused the issue.



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