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Q: Resizing? A: Not for this thread   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Sep 10,2023 at 19:13
In Response to: Resizing? (Kim Henkel)


This thread is about crashes when an explicit user resize has not been done, via the frame or Alt-F7,8,9.
Things like returning from the viewer, Alt-F5, TFC, eXecute, and probably some other things cause the issues, also reconnecting to the machine (RDP/ICA), which I guess is somehow sending ZTree screen resize events.
I will reconfigure to add /KBR to the command line.
Can you add logging of the screen size events to the /KBR logfile, with time stamps, as that might help, I have a suspicion that there are more resize events than we are expecting.

To recover I normally tab between panes and sometimes need to enter into and exit from SFW to get the screen to mostly redraw correctly, there are sometimes artefacts on the F8 split boundary and around the Statistics Panel, but I can ignore those, but I would like them to be resolved.
A cleaner redraw can be done with a double Alt-F7.

But sometimes I get a zombie, at which point I have close the process in Task Manager, and start a new session, and remember where I was.

Steve Rawling's thread https://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum_entry.php?id=124626 is about explicit user resize by corner frame, where if you reduce width and height at the same time, in my experience ~1/3 of the time the window will disappear, and you get a zombie ZTree process the consumes all of a CPU core.
Steve is getting a different experience to me, large ZTree/Window size deltas and so scrollbars with a wide range, which I cannot reproduce, for me it works or I get a zombie, possibly Steve is using a high DPI screen and that is a factor, or his graphics card drivers are a factor.
I just did some testing of resize to be smaller by frame, using the sides, one occurrence of a scroll bar (~5-10 characters left-right) which cleared after the next resize, and no zombie processes.



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