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Scroll bars?   [Zeta]

By: Kim Henkel     Riverview, FL  
Date: Sep 21,2023 at 12:44
In Response to: Scroll bars? (Steve Rawling)

> It was not set, so I set it
> The scrollbars still appear when I drag diagonally with the mouse.
> When I drag first side ways no scroll bars then when I drag up the scroll bars appear

No doubt you may see scroll bars appear while dragging, but do they not disappear when the mouse stops moving?

> I also note that with further dragging ZTREEWIN crashes.
Further dragging which direction? Is this repeatable?

> I also tried setting the properties width 168 height 60, same problem
> I then reset column/row widths to 168 60 in the CONFIG menu, still same problem

If you want to set the initial window size in the shortcut, then I recommend setting the CONFIG settings to AUTO. This is the recommended way to configure for Terminal also.



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