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[Bug]found the trouble   [Zeta]

By: Ryan       
Date: Sep 22,2023 at 02:08
In Response to: [Bug] zip file can not be viewed in alt F5 (Kim Henkel)

> Interesting. which ones open and which ones don't?
i found the trouble.
it only happened in win8.1, not in win10

my win10 used maybe 10 month old ztree, zip-alt+F5-view worked well with it. i patched it to the newest, zip-alt+F5-view also worked well with win10. this meant win8.1 was the problem, that was the only differnce.

for win8.1
ztw24214.zip-alt+F5-view didnt work, just about any zip files didnt work.

>unicode file zipping
is it even possible to PKZIPC.EXE with unicode file names? because it says couldnt open ???? ???.mp3

11 Of The Most Faked Foods In The World | Big Business | Insider Business.mp4 is not a unicode file name but it has | symbol in it PKZIPC.EXE can not open it either.

weird characters and unicodes are out of the compression league

i was expecting someone could verify this easily, but no one came forth, so i said to myself, what did they have that which i dont?

1st maybe this line
CO1C = internal

2nd these lines in F9 menu command

3rd win8.1


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