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Scroll bars?   [Zeta]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: Sep 23,2023 at 01:51
In Response to: Scroll bars? (Kim Henkel)

I normally use an external monitor as a single, but I unplugged the external monitor and set Windows display to a single display and chose recommended laptop display of 1366 768 and I set CONFIG columns and rows to 120 by 40 ( I am using Lucinda Console 16 font )

I restart ZTW

I dragged side ways and no slider problem but after reducing the columns less than 120 and then siding down no problem but then sliding up the slider bar appears and stays if I stop sliding. This seems to be about when the number of rows is less then CONFIG setting of 40. See screen shot below

I restarted ZTW

I now began by sliding down and up and the slider appears about then the rows are less the the CONFIG setting of 40. If I now slide sideways the display starts to fracture. If I quit and restart ZTW it is slow to start and the display is fractured.
Additional restarts make it slower to start and display is more fractured. The only way I can get ZTW to again behave normally is to restart WINDOWS. See screenshot below

After a Windows restart, I start ZTW and drag diagonally, initially all OK no sliders but when I drag diagonally back and forward ZTW crashes

I can repeat all three problems

I am using WINDOWS 10 PRO version 22H2 build 19045.3324 ( latest update)
and using an INTEL CORE I5

> No doubt you may see scroll bars appear while dragging, but do they not
> disappear when the mouse stops moving?
See above description.

I normally don't use the drag option, but rather prefer to use the ALT F7,8,9 keys. They are working fine. I was just trying out this newish option. I appreciate some may wish to use the mouse to resize and appreciate your efforts to build this new option




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