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problem with UNZIP64.DLL (v6.1 AND 6.0):   [Zeta]

By: andreas     Z├╝rich, Switzerland  
Date: Oct 14,2023 at 05:22
In Response to: problem with UNZIP64.DLL (v6.1 AND 6.0): (Kim Henkel)

> To be clear, ZTW64.exe will only ever try to use UNZIP64.dll, and
> ZTW.EXE will only ever try to use UNZIP32.DLL.
OK, so NO fallback to 32 if 64 is missing ...

> So previously with ZTW64.exe and UNZIP32.dll (but no unzip64.dll), you
> were actually using UNZIP.EXE
I confirm: yes, I do have InfoZIP EXEs in the ZTW dir since ever (15+y!) ...

> Can you not even 'V'iew a file (after Alt-F5) in ztw24214.zip?
NO: as soon as there is an UNZIP64.dll in the ZTW dir, View and Extract on a single file results in "Error - no files found [11]".
View/alt-F5 DO work; all Ctrl-ops on 1 or more tagged files DO work.

as soon as I delete/rename UNZIP64.dll all is well as since "ever"!
go figure ...

sorry for the late answer!

Thanks, andreas


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