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Bizarre behavior in DW -- Not here   [Zeta]

By: Doug Borg     Newton, MA, USA  
Date: Oct 15,2023 at 00:27
In Response to: Bizarre behavior in DW -- Not here (Antti)

> > Not only is the display weird in the DW, but the blank directories
> are
> > unavailable. I had to revert to v2.4.214.
> >
> I think you should also give some information about how to reproduce.
> Here, the display looks perfect, and no blank directories are
> unavailable.
> I see no way to reproduce your issue, unless sufficient information is
> provided.

I followed the following process, as I have for the last 20 or more minor ZTW upgrades:
1. I extracted all the archive files to a dedicated directory
2. I closed ZTW64
3. I copied the most recent files from the dedicated directory to the installed ZTreeWin program directory (in my case, "C:\ZTreeWin\")
4. I opened ZTW64

Up to this point, this has always worked seamlessly. This time, I got the following ZTW error msg when I tried to log my first directory (on drive D:):


and this result:


If I then pressed F5, I got this result:


and if I then logged drive C:, I got this result:


Repeating steps 1-5 above but doing it with ZTW24124.ZIP fixes the problem but puts me back where I started.


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