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[Discuss] ZTree display glitch ?   [Discuss]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Oct 18,2023 at 12:52

In recent weeks, I have encountered recurring issues with ZTree's command window displaying ongoing operations, such as file renaming or copying, even after these tasks have been successfully completed. Specifically, the command window continues to display the presumably ongoing operation or the spinning wheel indicator still spins, suggesting that the command is still in progress, despite its completion.

Intriguingly, I am able to initiate and execute new commands while the previous command's status is still inaccurately displayed as "unfinished." But on occasion, I find it necessary to shut down ZTree entirely in order to resolve this glitch.

As of now, I have been unable to identify specific conditions that reliably reproduce this issue, making it difficult to classify it as a bug. Moreover, this problem seems to be isolated to only one of my computers, which has its own unique configuration, including eight drives, numerous junction points accross drives, a hosted server, and frequent operation of scripts and virtual machines. This leads me to consider the possibility that the glitch may be related to the particularities of this computer's setup, rather than an issue inherent to ZTree itself.

Has anyone else experienced similar behavior with ZTree?

Laurent Duchastel


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