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[Q] SUBST drives volume names and an possible option?   [Q]

By: Ryan       
Date: Oct 19,2023 at 06:17

i forgot about one CAN'T change volume names for subst drives

I mainly use volume names to quickly identify the hardware makers, so i can avoid copying between or within the SAME HDD or HDD controller

displaying the directory names of SUBST's drives is just as good, but i still hope to see the SUBST providing HDD's volume name for SUBST drives in the SAME column.

possible to have an option for it?
1st I posted this as Wish but now... hope or think about it for a moment kind of wish

does anyone know how to disable IrfanView's wheel up and down that makes you automatically go to the list of next files without saving the work of editing, its so annoying.


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