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Default colors?   [Zeta]

By: Ryan       
Date: Oct 20,2023 at 15:19
In Response to: Default colors? (Kim Henkel)

> No problem here - is it possible you customized the color settings below?
no, i have never touched those.
for a trial purpose, when i set it 136, 23 152 and started ztree.
it momentarily started with the console window with a magenta background maybe for 0.01 seconds and then ztree took over the color, in which case was the black background that i set. so i think things behaved normally.

if i use this SET K1=/K,*,b,ENTER,ENTER
instead of SET K1=/K,*,b
i can get the correct result, that is a magenta background
but then why would adding ENTER,ENTER matter?

Win8.1 win10 win10pro showed the same result, no magenta background.


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