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Need more info   [Discuss]

By: KJohnson     Vancouver, WA, US  
Date: Oct 25,2023 at 20:51
In Response to: Need more info (Laurent Duchastel)

I also use a lot of reparse points (junctions and symbolic links) but I never use subst for drive letters. Many of my drive letters are mapped to various NTFS shares on my network. I can't say with any certainty if I was using those when the problem showed up. I also have some pretty long path/filenames. The commands do execute properly, but the resulting display is munged up.

Part of my difficulty diagnosing this is that I'm so used to typing commands I'm often not looking at the screen when the problem occurs. I just lookup later and notice the incorrect text in the menu area.

When the problem occurs, if I press F1 or ? it will overlay the screen with alternate text (as normal), but when I return to the main screen it will redraw the lower menu panel with the same incorrect text/spinners it had earlier. I'm guessing that incorrect panel data is buffered in memory somewhere and simply redrawn on return.


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