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Yes conhost.exe progess closed   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Oct 26,2023 at 09:34
In Response to: [Bug] Still losing the ZTree window on screen restores (Kim Henkel)

> > I'm still getting the ZTree window disappear, and the ztw64.exe
> > take all of a core in the background issue.
> Is conhost still running? It's likely that's where the problem
> actually is, just need a way to detect it's no longer actually showing a
> console window.


It just happened, a little different from previous occurrences

Days old ZTree session running, F8 split enabled
Window the Citrix VDA session
Do some local stuff
Full screen the Citrix VDA session across two monitors 1920x1080 matched hardware, but different connectors DisplayPort and HDMI
ZTree wrapped, so did a double Alt-F7
Do some things in other applications
I might have minimized ZTree
Back to ZTree, it was ~2/3 of the screen with no wrapping, not sure if there were scrollbars, Alt-F7, ZTree window disappears, ztw64.exe process taking all of a core, no child conhost.exe process, nothing in the Application or System event logs regarding the conhost.exe progress closing.



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