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[Q] i just realized Ztree was fully a 64bit program, i need last ver for XP   [Q]

By: Ryan       
Date: Nov 03,2023 at 09:33

after ignoring small subtleties that may cause bugs in ztree
v2.4.213 is the last working version for win8.1 for me

and about XP
my PC with XP was broken 2 years ago, i replaced the motherboard about 1 week ago.
i just realized that Ztree was no longer a win32 or 32bit software, it is now fully a 64bit program.
i need a ztree XP version to support my DOS True Basic, my work involves math-numerical analysis. BUT once or one day if i am able to port my DOS True Basic to the one(one for DOS for True Basic and the other for windows OS) of SSDs(solid state drives) then i probably dont need XP version of Ztree anymore, until then... i rely on this XP

i assume this line is not needed anymore.

Isnt ZTW_CFG.EXE self-executable anymore?

v2.4.172 is the last version of ztree for XP i currently have, i need a bit higher version ztree to permanently settle for XP, because alt-m (mirror) seems better with a higher version, but i dont know which higher version for XP


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