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By: Ryan       
Date: Nov 05,2023 at 11:32
In Response to: Re: ZTW_CFG.EXE (John Gruener)

> Why are you creating a shortcut for this? It's designed only to

no it is not "only", however it was due to my measure of finding what was wrong in the mist of all unknowns, ZTW_CFG.EXE has always been standalone as well since the xtree, xtpro era. in fact xtree can not run without the correct path from its config 1st. despite Alt-F10, i was just checking if XP somehow doesnt recognize whatever in the config anymore. i reinstalled the XP, the result was the same error, ztree didnt start with the newer versions of ztree, so i assume somewhere along the way, some kind of architect must have been changed.

v2.1742 is still a very good ztree for XP, now i know where my position is. i can move on.

XP without UAC
XP without the defender
XP without antivirus
XP withiout MS sotres
and someone in the internet is making UEFI EFI drivers for XP
and XP NTFS is just as stable as win10 NTFS
XP runs in FAT32

to me, XP is a freedom


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