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Longpath, /ZB, ZTW_CFG.EXE: Three fixes, two outstanding, one new issue   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Nov 09,2023 at 09:31
In Response to: [Zeta] v2.4.216 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

> Fixed - Long path buffer overrun in Treespec, setting title &
> using /ZB option

1. Now can now navigate directories over ZMAX_PATH, thanks.

2. But still crashing navigating over files over ZMAX_PATH.
Example in the small file window of a branch w/Path 1015, cursor down to a file w/Path 1271, with /ZB on the commandline, ZTree crash and the zbar.dat file wasn't updated.

Note: ZPreview truncates it's title to somewhere around MAX_PATH, and gives an error trying to view files with paths over MAX_PATH, those are problems for Martijn Coppoolse to fix. But it did show me that the zbar.dat file is being written correctly.

3. Having the over ZMAX_PATH files and directories logged and saved to a Alt-Zlog file, still causes ZTree to crash at start-up with /zv on the command line, or at Alt-Zlog, Load.
As I suggested before, it might be better to not log over ZMAX_PATH objects, to stop edge cases, and use the “÷” (divide) or “-“ (minus) directory windows tree indicator symbols to indicate partial logging.

4. Alt-ZLog, Load, %AppData%\ZTreeWin\%COMPUTERNAME%.ZLOG, gives "Error: Cannot load volumes file".
But the same history item was used to create the zlog file.
Please enable environment expansion on Alt-ZLog, Load

> Fixed - ZTW_CFG.EXE crashed running standalone when #ZTHome not set
> Fixed - ZTW_CFG.EXE not patched with exehdr4
Tests successful on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 10. For these Alt-F10, eXecute and run outside of ZTree without #ZTHome.



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