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virtual OS, that was a good wake up call   [Zeta]

By: Ryan       
Date: Nov 09,2023 at 12:47
In Response to: can ztw24216's ZTW.exe run on XP? (Ben Kent)

it seems like i am really far behind contempory software tech.
all these years, so i am barking at the wrong tree.
story goes...
i had to find the correct one from one of these emulators CnC dgVoodoo DOSBOX nGlide scummVM WineD3D for 100s games for win8.1 (Win10 starting now, almost free ride), testings took forever, had i known, could have just run them under Virtual XP. i kind of heard about these VMs but it never occured to me, never thought about it.
I will try virtual 98 1st if there is one, then i may move on to VM-XP

I dont need Win98 for PCIe motherboard, but i have two motherboards that have ISA slots for DOS True Basic, XP and 98 all in them. I still have a Win3.1 ISA bed scanner(hollywood quality, not possible to throw away) and i tweaked it to operate in 98SE, if VM-98 works in old motherboards, if i can get rid of the HDD holding 98SE, it will be SO wonderful
....if i can find the way to move this DEVICEHIGH=C:\SDR2ASPI.SYS to WinXP somewhere..... then i can skip VM-98

installing VM is something to do to get myself busy for a while
thanks for the walk up call
what VM98 would you recommend? ... eh for XP? not sure but my experience says probably impossible, but i will start searching in internet


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