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didnt work, maybe someday   [Zeta]

By: Ryan       
Date: Nov 10,2023 at 07:24
In Response to: virtual OS, that was a good wake up call (Ben Kent)

oracle VirtualBox 4.0 - even the lowest ver made in 2015, caused an error below in jpg

Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition [VMware VM].7z
Windows 98.vmdk
Windows 98.nvram
Windows 98.vmx
Windows 98.vmxf
Windows 98.vmsd
initially, i had no idea about what these files like Windows 98.vmx were
and any kind of executable vmwares were not found. all talks, seemed a "must buy ware"

lowest ver of VM98's minimum requirement
Intel Core 2, 4 GB RAM
Windows version: Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10

PCem - only ver4 responded with "you dont have a rom"
PCem ver5 to 17 - instant crash with a message about 32bit

my conclusion :
seemed that there were no XP versions of a 98 emulator, but 32bit vers for 64 bit OSs
back to the win98 holding REAl HDD

...maybe someday...


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