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Longpath issues   [Zeta]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Nov 11,2023 at 14:15
In Response to: [Zeta] v2.4.217 Now Available! (Kim Henkel)

Following on from my previous testing, I did another round to give better coverage of the behaviour of ZTree when handling files and directories over ZMAX_PATH.

As I have suggested before, it might be better to not log files and directories over ZMAX_PATH, and use the partially logged indicator, then all of the over ZMAX_PATH errors and crashes would be stopped.
For that to work Shift-Numpad-minus would need to be extended to the file window.

Small File Window, F8 enabled
In a w/Path: 1015 directory both panes, working with w/Path: 1271 files, unless stated otherwise

Bug: crash

Bug: crash at print

eXecute, Notepad %1
Bug: crash

F8 to enable split
Bug: Crash

Bug: Crash

The below ZMAX_PATH files are processed
Bug: over ZMAX_PATH files cause a ZTree crash

Bug: Using T=%1 and two over ZMAX_PATH tagged files, the file paths are truncated, and there are no line endings

From w/Path: 1271 to w/Path: 113, tab to select the file in the other pane
Error message at run: Error: [123] Invalid Name
Bug: After the error ZTree goes back to the compare with prompt, with the destination file with odd colouring, escape from JFC, had to Alt-F6 to mono to be able to read the console, cannot tab to the other pane, had an occurrence of ZTree consuming a CPU core

From w/Path: 1271 to w/Path: 1271, in the same directory
Bug: crash

Some commands give errors, but ZTree continues working, I haven’t listed those.



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