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[Help!] App to create an encrypted folder on SD card in Android phone   [Help!]

By: Andrew Watson     Perth, Western Australia  
Date: Dec 17,2023 at 14:38
In Response to: [Help!] App to create an encrypted folder on SD card in Android phone (Andrew Watson)

I did use Find my phone to initiate remote factory reset of phone but by the time I discovered that phone was missing (when I popped out of Metro and tried to use phone to find address of hotel and to navigate there) the low battery had gone flat or phone had been switched off. Hopefully, when phone was plugged in and it connected to Internet via EU SIM it did get wiped.

How did you find address of hotel and then navigate there when your partner's phone didn't have an EU SIM in it you may ask? Luckily, there was free Wi-Fi at the station and I had downloaded OSMAND offline maps onto her phone before we left home.

I contacted Oz phone company and got them to disable SIM so it couldn't be used to get bank account access codes.

I contacted Oz banks and got them to block Google Wallet credit / debit card access.

Andrew Watson


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