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[Q] Ctrl-Batch Parameters for separated Date/Time variables?   [Q]

By: Dan LeGate       
Date: Jan 18,2024 at 16:08
In Response to: [Q] Ctrl-Batch Parameters for separated Date/Time variables? (Slobodan Vujnovic)

> My long-standing ZEP is about
> dates and times. It would help so much
> in cleaning up generated scripts and being shell-independent.
> Also, if there was ever a Unix version, these tokens would still work.
> ZEP014: #ZTyy, #ZTyyyy, #ZTmm, #ZTdd, #ZThh, #ZTmin, #ZTsec...
> http://vujnovic.free.fr/ztw/ztw_zeps.html#ZEP014

Well, you've got my vote!

As long as it's a File Based date (dates/times of tagged files for Ctrl-Batch) and not "current date" which is easy to get/generate elsewhere in a batch file.

[the wording of your Zep used "based on current date" as an example, so wanted to be sure we're on the same page]


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