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[Bug] Strange external viewer behavior.   [Bug]

By: Dave Gordon       
Date: Jan 18,2024 at 19:04
In Response to: [Bug] Strange external viewer behavior. (Kim Henkel)

Thank you Kim, adding the %1 solved the issue.

My external viewer command was:
"C:\Program Files\zabkat\xplorer2_ult\editor2_64.exe" /M /V /P

It has always worked, with several different editors and viewers, without the %1.

Adding the %1 and it works. No "", and paths / filenames with spaces work.
"C:\Program Files\zabkat\xplorer2_ult\editor2_64.exe" /M /V /P %1

I also added Start "" to the line:
Start "" "C:\Program Files\zabkat\xplorer2_ult\editor2_64.exe" /M /V /P %1

This has solved another oddity, which I always assumed was related to my external viewer. If I used the internal viewer, or the help file, followed by the external viewer I got the message "Search forward from current location:" in the ZtreeWin Menu and Commands area. Hitting any key (I usually hit "v" again, or the space-bar) cleared the message and the viewer worked.

I use Start "" and %1 in my Ztree applications menu, I never thought to use them in the external viewer command.


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