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[ZEP] F12 macro is the way   [ZEP]

By: Ryan       
Date: Jan 28,2024 at 01:53
In Response to: [ZEP] mass rename mask (Donald_SBC)


1. put your ztree cursor over the directory that has many sub directories then press * to log
2. F12

i used SLEEP to see the real time animation,
but DOWN will overshoot the bound of that branch directory that you just logged which has many sub-dirs...
lets work MORE on the current AA= to add some safeguard for AA= once you are satisfied with AA=

resetting "01" in :%6:_:01:.* when dir name changes is impossible in this current command, i dont see how logically it can be done directly.

> I use a rename mask :%6:_:01:.*
> When in a logged folder I Ctrl-T, Ctrl-S then Ctrl-R with the mask. So
> in a folder nameed 04783 I end up with files named
> 04783_01.jpg
> 04783_02.jpg
> etc
> Doing this for many folders gets tedious.
> What I would like to do is Log a few folders, Ctrl-G, Ctrl-T, Ctrl-S
> and Ctrl-R with a mask that does the following:
> Change the value of %6 when the folder changes
> Reset the counter :01: back to 01 when the folder changes
> Pretty please?


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