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Unscrambled ZTreeWin without Legacy Mode on Win11 22H2 here   [Bug]

By: Christopher       
Date: Feb 05,2024 at 20:05
In Response to: Unscrambled ZTreeWin without Legacy Mode on Win11 22H2 here (Martijn Coppoolse)

I've had the same experience as others who've been reporting a munged-up W11 Pro 22H2 display. Unusable, except perhaps in split screen F8 mode.

I've tried some of the fixes posted here and in other threads including command line startup switches, "Conhost", "Wrap text", so forth, so on. All unavailing here. Windows troubleshooter ineffective, all it could do was to set Compatibility back to W8, of no effect.

Except for -- simplicity itself -- ticking the "Use legacy console" under the shortcut Properties - Options tab. /AUTO has no effect, then, one way or the other.

In that case, all is well again. Yes, ALT-F7 required to full-window zoom it, not sticky, but a minor matter, really. "Let system position window" seems to have no effect one way or the other, so dunno about that. And no, I'm not a fan of the lighter blue background color, either, but it's what's on offer.

Fair statement, that the OOBE for someone new to ZTree Win under 22H2 wouldn't present, but well. Were the time to come when ZTree would no longer be viable acct. console.exe gone, I don't know where I'd migrate under Windows, since I don't much care for any of the other file manager alternatives. (Android is another story.)

I do have MPTDrive for when needing a drive letter for ZTree or other application programs, but I've found it to be more trouble than it's worth. So I just use W11 File Explorer in those situations to good satisfaction, rude though it may be for me to say so.

Now back to trying to figure out how to keep a sleeping W11 ThinkPad T-series from awakening when the lid is opened. There used to be a power configuration setting for that since time out of mind, not so anymore. Registry key, probably not. ???



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