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[OT] Batch file sorting help   [OT]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Mar 21,2024 at 09:18
In Response to: [OT] Batch file sorting help (Paul Laufer)

> Can anyone figure out how to sort a fixed width file like this one
> by date using only batch commands on Windows 10/11?


This gets you mostly there, but as /+n sorts to end or line and weird US date format, the /+1 reverts the /+4, but it might be close enough for you

type %TEMP%\LookingForOST.TXT | sort /+4 /+1 /+7

To get correct sorting, use one of these

Use powershell, to parse and sort by the date
type %TEMP%\LookingForOST.TXT | powershell -c "$input | Sort-Object { [datetime]::ParseExact($_.substring(0, 19), 'MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm tt', $null)} "

Or use powershell to do the whole job
Get-ChildItem -LiteralPath 'C:\USERS' -Recurse -Force -Filter '*.ps1' | Select-Object LastWriteTime, Length, @{n='Owner'; e={(Get-Acl -LiteralPath $_.fullname).owner}}, fullname | Sort-Object LastWriteTime



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