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Windows Terminal vs. conhost   [Help!]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Mar 21,2024 at 09:30
In Response to: Windows Terminal vs. conhost (Paul Laufer)

> I have been working with an organization that has many PC's running
> Windows 11. I have always carried a thumb drive with me to have my
> utilties available.
> On that thumb drive is .\Utils\Ztree\
> If I run the ZTW64.EXE file, it opens in Terminal, and is jumbled. So I
> thought I'd make a batch file in my portable Ztree folder and see if I
> could get it running outside of Terminal. I have tried a few different
> command lines, including adding name or pathname to CMD.EXE or
> conhost.exe before ZTW64.EXE, but thus far have not had much luck.
> Some of the command lines I have tried
> %~dp0ZTW64.EXE
> %SystemRoot%\System32\conhost.exe %~dp0ZTW64.EXE
> %SystemRoot%\System32\conhost.exe J:\Utils\Ztree\ZTW64.EXE (with
> thumb mounted as J:)
> Anyone have ideas about how to make a portable Ztree thumbdrive in a
> Windows 11 environment?

Try these
add this to the commandline /MAX:-2:-2
rename ZTW.INI

If you cannot get it to work, then use Alt-F7 to get ZTree to redraw, from memory Alt-F7 zoom only works under conhost, if you end up in terminal use Alt-F8 and Alt-F9 instead.



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