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This site is intended to support the ZTreeWin project conceived and developed by Kim G. Henkel. The purpose of the information in this site is to give all ZTree and XTree users the opportunity to know, express, and interchange information regarding both products.

This site has been
voluntarily developed by  Víctor García, dedicated to the work of Kim G. Henkel, and the goal is to help and support the communication between Kim and all ZTreeWin users.

Visit the ZTreeWin Forum

This is the Official Forum of ZTreeWin, Kim Henkel uses this forum himself to give  support to the ZTree users on a daily basis. This is a great opportunity for you to participate in the design of this unique  program. The Forum is used by a great positive community of real fans of the product and we are waiting for you to join this community. You can express new ideas or report any problem with the ongoing beta releases.
Join the ZTreeWin Forum now.

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