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[ZEP] Ctrl-Search option for just the first XX kilobytes at the start of each file   [ZEP]

By: Darren       
Date: Nov 02,2017 at 20:58

I often run into situations where it would be very helpful if I could search just the headers of binary data files, like media files such as MP4, MKV, RAW, JPG, PSD, or other binaries like VHD, ISO, RAR, etc. Basically any binary type file that has searchable content typically at the start of the file.

This would be similar to the existing Search feature that lets you search only the ZIP TOC at the end of ZIP files, but instead, this proposed feature would search only the first XX KB of any type of file. That way when searching very large files it would only search a tiny fraction of each file and it would be way quicker to perform as a result.

A more advanced version of this feature could also include the ability to specify an offset, from the start or end of the file, for where to begin searching. Combined with being able to specify a total search length for each file, this would give a lot of flexibility in searching just the specific parts of large files.

Although for now I'd be happy to be able to search just the first 8kb to 64kb of each file.

Thanks, Darren

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