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[ZEP] Treespec shortcuts (F6)   [ZEP]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Jan 30,2019 at 13:19

The Treespec (\) F6 jump list has been quiet for years:

A All Users Profile
C Cookies
D Desktop
F Favorites
I Temporary Internet Files
L Local Settings
M My Documents
N NetHood
O Outlook
P Program Files
Q Quick Launch
R Recent
S Start Menu
T Temp
U User Profile
W Windows

Recently, some tools that I'm using are creating huge trees inside my
C:\Users\vujnovic\AppData\Roaming area that try to reach more conveniently.
We can F6-jump to [L] Local Settings, but not to Roaming, or LocalLow,
for that matter.

Windows creates variables for the first two, but not the third:
Why is that? I admit I have not bothered to learn about the
AppData hierachy up to know.

ZEP: Would it be possible to add a shortcut to Roaming, at least?
Also, there may be some new directories (since XP?)
of interest to others to add to the F6 list at the same time?

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