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Just mark it in history. And Quick Access links   [ZEP]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Jan 30,2019 at 16:07
In Response to: [ZEP] Treespec shortcuts (F6) (Slobodan Vujnovic)

> Recently, some tools that I'm using are creating huge trees inside my
> C:\Users\vujnovic\AppData\Roaming area that try to reach more
> conveniently.
> We can F6-jump to [L] Local Settings, but not to Roaming, or LocalLow,
> for that matter.

Why not just navigate there manually and mark it in the treespec history? You can enter environment variables in edit mode if you want.

I'd like it to be able to display the Quick Access links I can see in Explorer (and many other file dialogs in various apps). I read that they're stored in %appdata%\microsoft\windows\Recent\AutomaticDestinations\f01b4d95cf55d32a.automaticDestinations-ms, but they seem to be in a compressed format, so not accessible by simple browsing.

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