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Colour schemes- millions of colours   [Discuss]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: Sep 13,2015 at 19:31
In Response to: Colour schemes (Peter Shute)

> > I found the effect could be partly mitigated by switching to a
> > black-on-white colour scheme, but finally I decided the eye strain
> was
> > not worth it.

I too have had all these same problems in the office environment where i am the only ztw user in a team of now 600.

Regarding the yellow/creme on blue vs black on white.. I recall a some optometry study many years back ( in the MSDOS days I think) that found pale yellow text on blue was the easiest on the eyes.

Another interesting thing with colour settings is that you can have any one of millions of colours for any of the parts of ztw. For those who don't know how to do this I explain

Open ZTW ,click on ztwicon in top left of ztw console window ( or hit alt+ spacebar) choose properties , colours , select type of foreground or background using the radio button, radio button, select one of the 16 default colours then tweek that colour using the red green blue 0-255 options...

After several hours of fun and a few weeks trialing some pretty weird colour combos I have gone back to pretty much the default settings of generally blue background. I also use white on blue for my text editor VEDIT which is a windows GUI app. Funny though I have tried but quickly rejected creme on blue in such things as MSword and excel... maybe something to do with the smaller screen fonts.

I do know though that some users have different colour settings when running multiple instances of ztw to help them remember which instance they are in.

Anyone use excel with default colours of light text on a dark background?


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