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[ZEP] Alt T(ag) Directories using U(p), D(own)   [ZEP]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: Dec 04,2018 at 07:41
In Response to: [ZEP] Alt T(ag) Directories using U(p), D(own) (Art Kocsis)

I am having trouble getting that to work. I am finding no difference with Alt-F10 set to Ctrl/Alt-Up/Down set to Yes or No. Ctrl-Up/Down with either setting moves the directories down but the cursor remains on the current directory. Furthermore on both settings, Alt Up-Down increases/Decreases the File Window size (Small Windows Sizing 1.2.1 in Help).

Conclusion - The setting change has no effect on my current installation. I am using beta 2.4.172 if that has anything to do with it. I didn't want to upgrade to the latest because of a bug I saw that won't be fixed until the next version.

I don't believe another program has intercepted the command because if that happened the keypress combination would do nothing in Ztree and it is doing something.

Any suggestions?

Tim M.

> > Many times I have numerous directories that I need to tag all of
> the
> > contained files without affecting files in other open directories
> > therefore just issuing a CTRl T would not work. Of course what I do
> now
> > is manually hold the T key down as it advances down to each
> subsequent
> > subdirectory, but with massive amounts of subdirectories this can get
> > tedius (and painful for my arthritic wrists and hands).
> Ztree already has a block mode tag/untag functionality:
> If not already set, reset Alt-F10, pg 4P to "Yes" (File window
> Ctrl/Alt-Up/Down to tag/untag).
> Now instead of holding the "T" key down, simply press Cntl-down_arrow
> to tag all subsequent files in the file window - much easier, much
> faster. Conversely, Alt-(down/up)_arrow untags files.
> To tag multiple subdirectories, highlight the parent in the DW, press
> "B" (branch), and then Cntl-down_arrow.

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