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[Q] Mountvol problem   [Q]

By: Ben Kent       
Date: Nov 01,2019 at 02:59
In Response to: [Q] Mountvol problem (Andrew Watson)

> Any help would be appreciated.


Try mklink which is standard windows command

If not Exist C:\ProgramData\MountPoints MD C:\ProgramData\MountPoints
mklink /d C:\ProgramData\MountPoints\DriveName E:\

rd C:\ProgramData\MountPoints\DriveName

It creates junctions to locations that can be on different drives, UNC paths, and removable media, at least on my Win 8.1 system. Needs admin rights to create but users can use them.

I did have a look at Disk Management, change drive letters and Paths, but the "Mount in the following empty NTFS folder, Change" is greyed out. Maybe that is related to mountvol no longer working for you.



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